Covid-19 Guidelines

Florida Marching Arts, Inc.

COVID-19 Rehearsal Action Plan


Guiding Principles


Member Communication:

  • Clear communication leading up to the first rehearsal to prepare members & staff for the upcoming changes.
  • E-mails will inform members & staff how to best prepare for rehearsal.


Health Screening:

  • All members, staff, and administrators will complete an at-home health check (including temperature check) prior to check-in at rehearsal.
  • Temperature checks will be safely conducted by a Board Member at every event.
  • No one with a temperature above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will be permitted.


Enhanced Cleaning:

  • Hand sanitizer is to be on-hand at all events/rehearsals.
  • EPA approved disinfectant will be on hand to appropriately clean all surfaces.


Physical Distancing:

  • Consideration must always be made to promote a minimum 6’ physical distance at rehearsals and performances.
  • Events will take place outdoors where practical.


Face Coverings / PPE:

  • Face coverings will be required by all members, staff, and administrators.
  • Performers will wear specific face coverings to permit performance.
  • Equipment to limit particle spread will be introduced as appropriate by instrument type.
  • Training of members will occur prior to the members’ first rehearsal.


Contact Modifications:

  • Sharing of music stands will not be permitted. Everyone must have their own.
  • Shared music books will not be provided. Members must bring their own music.
  • Instruments and guard/percussion implements must be sanitized between member use.
  • Mouthpieces are not to be shared between members.




General Safety Protocols



  • All brass performers are required to bring pet relief pads to every rehearsal/performance.
  • Specific instruments will require covers or other equipment to limit particle spread.
  • Face shields will be required for all instructors and staff.
  • Face shields (in addition to face coverings) will be required for percussion members.


Physical Distancing:

  • Brass maintain 6’-8.5’ physical distance.
  • Percussion use face shields as 6’ distance typically cannot be established.
  • Color Guard maintain 6’-8.5’ physical distance.


Home Health Screening:

  • Members must complete health screening at home prior to rehearsal.
    • Do you have any of the following symptoms?
      • Cough?
      • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?
      • Chills?
      • Muscle Pain or Body Aches?
      • New loss of taste or smell?
      • Sore throat?
      • New onset of nausea, diarrhea, and/or vomiting?
    • If they answer “YES” to any one of the questions, individual should stay home and stay safe.
  • Take temperature at home prior to rehearsal.
    • If temperature is above 100.4, individual should stay home and stay safe.


On-site Health Screening (at rehearsal):

  • Board Member will wear a face shield and face covering when conducting temperature checks.
  • Board Member will confirm that member performed the at-home health screening and that they answered “NO” to all questions.
  • If temperature reads >100.4 Fahrenheit, the individual will be allowed to wait in an area away from other members/staff to cool down before another temperature check is taken.
  • No one may attend with a temperature >100.4 Fahrenheit.




Enhanced Cleaning:

  • An EPA approved disinfectant will be on hand to wipe down and sanitize chairs, stands, percussion/guard implements, and other surfaces as necessary.
  • Pet relief pads will be placed under instruments that produce spit/particles.
  • Trash bags used to dispose of wipes, pet relief pads, etc., will be gathered and disposed of in an outdoor receptacle.



Instrument Specific Requirements


Director / Staff:

  • Face shield
  • Extended physical distance (8’-10’)



  • Face covering
  • Extended physical distance (8’-10’)


Brass Members:

  • Blow hole mask
  • Bell cover
  • Floor protector
  • Music
  • Music Stand
  • Physical distance (6’-8.5’)


Percussion Members:

  • Face covering
  • Face shield
  • Sanitized instruments/striking implements.
  • Physical distance (6’ wherever possible)


Color Guard Members:

  • Face covering
  • Sanitized poles/rifles/sabers/other implements
  • Physical distance (6’-8.5’)