The 2021 plan:

2021 brings with it some new challenges. Goalposts that are always changing. This is not new to our activity, or this group.

Moving forward, IMPACT will continue to do what we love to do. We will rehearse, we will perform, we will seek joy through performance. We will continue to provide a safe and accepting environment for our staff and members and we will prop each other up to push through the difficulties life throws our way.

It has always been our goal to make performing in this group accessible to all. To that effect, IMPACT is lowering its dues to $50, for our 2021 season.

This summer we will join with our colleagues, the Bahia Shrine Drum Corps, Heatwave, and the Central Florida Sounds of Freedom band and color guard, to put on a concert this July. The tentative date for this event will be July 31st. We will also continue to seek out performance opportunities, like parades and exhibitions, to showcase our talent.

It is my desire to see alumni and new family members join us on this journey. We will continue to push forward to the future and find whatever the new definition of normal is.

Mike Abendschein - Director IMPACT Drum Corps

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