Who we are.

IMPACT does things a little differently than other traditional Drum Corps groups.  We are an all age group that values diversity, fun, fellowship, and a positive attitude in everything we do. We pride ourselves on creating an accepting, open, and safe environment for our performers to express themselves. 
The corps operates 365 days a year. We perform throughout Florida in Parades, Conventions, community events, and Theme Parks. Frankly, anywhere we can! 
Summer is our competitive season. IMPACT competes and performs exhibitions in DCI SoundSport and DCA MiniCorps
SoundSport is a DCI sponsored league of all age groups with various instrumentation and styles. Performing in Sound Sport gives us the opportunity to offer a DCI experience without the time and financial commitment of a DCI open or world class corps.
IMPACT accepts new members all year. There are no limits to age or experience level. We value dedicated members, full of heart and drive. If you have that drive, we want you in the line.

Our History

Impact Drum and Bugle Corps is part of a long and storied tradition of performing units in the Central Florida area.

This unit is a direct descendant of Heat Wave of Orlando Sr Drum and Bugle Corps. Heat Wave was founded in 1992 when two other area groups from opposite coasts of the state decided come together to form something new. That group achieved success in the then newly formed Drum Corps Associates Class A category. They brought home the championship in 1998 and 2003.

Many changes to Florida Drum Corps have come to pass since the days of Heat Wave Sr. But the spirit of that organization lived on in the members of the Bahia Shriners Drum Corps. In 2012 they decided it was time to grow the activity again in Orlando. They opened their doors to the public and Impact was born.

Impact performed in their first public competition in 2012 at the DCA World Championships in Annapolis, MD. Since then this dynamic group has grown by leaps and bounds. Impact now operates all year long, performing on a regular basis at conventions, parades, HS band shows, and more.

In 2016, Impact became a DCI Sound Sport team. This offered the group an opportunity to perform in front of DCI crowds again. The corps has traveled and competed in Orlando, Atlanta and Indianapolis. Since their debut in Sound Sport, they have earned Gold ratings and "Best in Show" honors in many competitions. Impact prides itself on being a Flagship unit for Sound Sport and continues to lead the way in helping grow the activity.

Diversity plays a major role in the success of the organization. The membership of Impact ranges from as young as 14 to a glorious 78 years old. They come from all walks of life, creeds, and religions. Impact prides itself on bringing people together for fun and fellowship through music excellence.



Impact is a member unit of Florida Marching Arts Inc.

FMA Mission

Our mission is, first and foremost, to give back to the community by providing a positive
atmosphere in which our membership can receive an education in the performing arts and
develop life-enriching character traits such as discipline, teamwork, integrity, leadership,
dedication, and good citizenship.